This is the text of the main page, it is here for example and you can change it here: admin - content - articles. Typically, here's a summary of a business or something useful to users of the site.

The homepage of the site is its kind of business card. The main page represents the whole site, reflects its essence, is remembered by visitors. Therefore, of course, the text on the main page of the site should be considered literally to the smallest detail. What features the texts have for the main pages of the site will be discussed further.

The texts on the main pages are very different: some of them are designed in a strict business style, others are designed to create a friendly informal atmosphere on the site. Choosing the right text style depends on many factors, including the type of site itself, as well as the characteristics of its target audience.

For example, on the homepage of a top management commercial site, there is no text space that uses teenage slang. But on such a site the relevant text for the main page, laid out in a rather official style, is relevant. And here on a site of youth subjects it is permissible to "spice up" the text of the main page in slang words - in this case such a technique will play in favor of the site.

The text on the main page of the site performs several functions: it "sells" and "promotes" and "touches". Therefore, when writing text for the homepage, you need to take into account several points of view on its content, structure and layout.